Disco Elysium


Disco Elysium


Disco Elysium created by ZA/UM is an open-world, role-playing game, in which the Knights have dealt with a part of development.

The action of the game takes place in the old city of Revachol, located in a fictional world that connects contemporary realities with fantastic elements. The player takes on the role of a detective with a unique skill system. The main tasks are exploration, conducting conversations and fighting. 

Disco Elysium - a classic, detective RPG, which is one of the most interesting games of 2019. It takes over 60 hours of continuous playtime to complete it and the game has about 100 quests. “It is one million words long”, said Robert Kurvitz, Lead Designer of Disco Elysium. This colossal game received a lot of awards even before the official release and became a global bestseller on Steam and GOG within a few hours after launch.

Polishing was the general task for the Knights. We were responsible for remaking the UI design and localization. We have helped with bug fixing and reworking of the character development and dialogue systems. Works on this project lasted for almost 12 months and engaged a total of 5 Knights.


  • Polishing
  • Bugfixing
  • UI design and localization
  • Character development 
  • Dialogue system


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