PC Building Simulator

Porting to consoles, bug fixing

PC Building Simulator


Porting to consoles and bug fixing.

PC Building Simulator is a simulation of creating PCs, in which you can build and grow your very own computer repair enterprise, learn to diagnose, fix and build computers. With real-world licensed components, comprehensive hardware and software simulation, you can plan and bring your ultimate PC to life. 

PC Building Simulator, a project published by The Irregular Corporation, is one of the best selling games that The Knights have worked on (over half of a million copies sold). 


Porting PC Building Simulator from the Knights’ point of view:

"While working on this kind of project, it is very important to make an in-depth analysis of the domain. In this case, we had to become real experts in issues related to building and repairing PCs. Things like overclocking, liquid cooling or choosing the right power supply, it’s a piece of cake for us now! 

We have faced working on a project that is still being developed. We had to cleverly and carefully add bugfixes and new features, to make sure that they do not affect the operation and quality of console ports negatively.

Achieving an adequate efficiency on all platforms with maximum details of all parts of the PC turned out to be a significant issue. Some thought, that porting this game to Nintendo Switch is a total craziness! But they were wrong! Systematically introduced optimizations allowed us to obtain a smooth gameplay on the Switch platform too".

Sir Dominic, Unity Developer


  • Porting from PC to PS4, Nintendo Switch and Xbox One
  • Optimization and implementing additional features 
  • Bug fixing 
  • The game's version parity

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