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The Knights have created key mechanisms of interaction with the environment in a great horror game for VR on Oculus Quest - AFFECTED: The Manor. In addition, we’ve ported some part of development to the PSVR platform.

AFFECTED: The Manor is one of the best horror games for VR created so far. The main aim of the game is to scare. You can play in 2 different ways and with 4 alternative endings. This is a short game with a very effective environment and simple mechanics. Its easy gameplay is focused on the impression of the gamer - you don’t need to solve puzzles or find keys, your only task is to continue to play the game in a scary and dark Manor. 

In this project, the Knights were in charge of making key mechanisms of interaction with the environment - opening the door and knocking on the knocker. What’s more interesting, we have prototyped a few version of the door to provide the best player experience available. We have suggested that the best way will be to use sliding doors. This version turned out to be the most practical. So it was the key interaction that creators - Fallen Planet Studios - used in the final part of the project. Apart from that, we’ve ported some mechanisms from Oculus Quest to PSVR. Creating new mechanics of interactions was also our task. These additional features included picking up objects and throwing them, switching switches and pulling levers.

Try out AFFECTED: The Manor on Oculus Quest!

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