Game Design

Game Design


Our highly-qualified game designers can rise to any challenge - they will design your game from scratch, preparing a complete and professional GDD for your use.

The scope of creating full game-design documentation prepared by Knights includes:

  • Introductory information about the game such as a general idea, art style, goals to achieve, target audience;
  • Core loop graph and detailed descriptions of each mechanic that will appear in the game;
  • Describing modes in which the game can be played;
  • Description of story progression/difficulty progression and tutorial design;
  • Description of the game content - characters, levels, etc., and players' skills, abilities;
  • Description of creating a monetization system;
  • Description of reward/points system;
  • References for different areas of the game;
  • and much more!

Additionally, we provide full support while working on your projects in any necessary field. Just some of the things we can do include creating an application flow for you in Figma, preparing external sheets with all needed data, or taking care of analyzing and balancing the in-game mechanics.

Have any questions, ideas, or plans? Don’t hesitate to share them with us – together, we'll build the game you truly desire!

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