Tools Up! & Garden Party DLC

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Tools Up! & Garden Party DLC


Tools Up! is the first IP created fully by The Knights of Unity.


Tools Up! can be played by from 1 up to 4 players. The goal is to renovate the apartments within specified time limit in accordance with the presented project specifications. So you have to clean up the mess, tear down walls, put down tiles and finish everything up before the time runs up! Be the home improvement team you’ve always wanted to see. Be Tools Up Co.

The inhabitants of a mysterious skyscraper left their homes in your hands. All that is left is a blueprint of how the house should look like when they come back. Cooperate with your friends to make their dreams a reality!


Tools Up! is available for PC, Xbox One, PS4 and Nintendo Switch. The game's publisher is All in! Games.

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  • There are four characters when you start but there are so many more to unlock and love!
  • Playful and fun gameplay requires fun and playful artstyle - in Tools Up! we have both covered.
  • Remember that only the person holding the blueprint can change camera angles.
  • Each campaign mission is unlocked in Party Mode for you and your friends to master! Get the highest ranking in all the levels!
  • Throw things to people… in other rooms! Just be sure to clean up any resulting mess afterwards.
  • Throw people… to other rooms! It’s always fun. Oh! And do backflips! Make people laugh!


Tools Up! Garden Party DLC consists of three episodes, each with 15 unique levels and a demanding boss to beat. Each DLC episode is available as a part of our Season Pass, but can also be purchased separately.

All episodes are now available on Steam, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch. 

Tools Up! Garden Party - Episode 1: The Tree House 

  • 15 exciting spring levels
  • New gardening skins
  • Brand-new tools such as lawnmower and garden hose
  • New game mechanics
  • A mischievous challenger to beat - The Racoon

Tools Up! Garden Party - Episode 2: Tunnel Vision

  • 15 sizzling summer levels 
  • New summer skins
  • Even more tools like a pickaxe
  • Novel game mechanics
  • A mysterious underground challenger - The Hole Mole

Tools Up! Garden Party - Episode 2: Home Sweet Home

  • 15 thrilling fall levels
  • New fall and winter skins
  • All the tools
  • Nevers-before-seen game mechanics
  • An aerial challenger - The Stinky Smog

Tools Up!  Tools Up! Garden Party DLC Trailer


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