Cult of the Lamb

Optimization, bug fixing

Cult of the Lamb


Code review and optimization for the Switch port of Cult of the Lamb. Bug fixing support for the PC version.


Cult of the Lamb is an action roguelike game developed by indie developer Massive Monster and published by Devolver Digital. The player leads a cult as a possessed lamb, saving debt by gaining followers and spreading the word to become the one true cult in a land of false prophets.

The game was released on 11 August 2022 and has sold more than one million copies.


Knights worked on improving the Switch port of the game to achieve a stable 30 FPS performance on the console. Our involvement included the project’s review, code and shaders optimization, and bug fixing support for the PC version.


  • Code review
  • Code and shaders optimization
  • Fixing bugs of the PC version

Project details:

Number of Knights: 3
Time spent: 4 months and continues
Developed partially
by The Knights
Available on: Steam Our other projects:
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