Backend and Multiplayer Development

Backend and Multiplayer Development


Our team of dedicated, seasoned backend Knights will help you solve any networking issue or build any multiplayer game.

We've worked on a variety of projects already, including fast-paced multiplayer games, a custom server for a turn-based strategy game, full mobile game backend stress-tested under 2k CCU load and many, many others. On top of that, we have experience in building a custom networking solution with a state replication, entity ownership, drop-in, custom serialization and more - we're not afraid to dive deep!

Experienced in well-known networking technologies like Photon (PUN2 & Bolt), GameSparks, Nakama, and UNet - we're ready to fix and build:

  • Game multiplayer - turn-based & real-time
  • Social features - friends list, challenges, leaderboards
  • Online features - shop, in-app purchases, achievements, notifications, events
  • Authentication - Google, Apple, Facebook
  • Ads and analytics

So, if you’d like to create a full-blown, real-time multiplayer but you don't know where to start - call the Knights! We are at your service to help you with all your backend and multiplayer development needs! 

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