Mad Compile Time Optimizer


Mad Compile Time Optimizer


A tool which reorganizes a project directory that speeds up project's compile time up to 70%.

MCTO moves 3rd-party script files into Unity special folders to minimize the risk of breaking anything. After it’s done, they won't be recompiled on each compiler run. Mad Compile Time Optimizer handles every project with caution. If any operation fails, it triggers the revert immediately.


  • Working on all Unity versions
  • Keeping track of your optimized files
  • Reverting if anything goes wrong
  • Changing stored in files (can be used with SCM)
  • Testing

The actual speed gain depends on your project setup.

Project details:

Number of Knights: 2
Time spent: 2 months
Developed fully
by The Knights
Available on: Unity Asset Store Our other projects:

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