Mills - Google Play Instant

Google Play Instant

Mills - Google Play Instant


The Knights have developed Google Play Instant (demo) of Mills for LITE Games. The instant app allows you to preview and play the game before you decide to download it.

Mills is one of the most popular board games in the world and it’s even older than chess. The goal in the digital version for mobile, created by LITE Games, is the same as in the original - hit as many enemies’ stones as possible. You can do it by forming 3 stones in a row (so-called mills). Another way to win the duel: block your opponent by cleverly moving your own stones around, preventing him or her from making a move.

“Find your best strategy, win against other players or strong AI, and climb to the top of the online leaderboards – become a Mills expert!”


  • Completely free
  • Amazing achievements to unlock
  • Online high score leaderboard to climb on
  • Single-player and multiplayer
  • Playable online and offline
  • Customizable rules to suit your individual needs
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