Mission 1545


Mission 1545


Mission 1545 is an adventure game that puts the player among deadly traps and puzzles of the towers the 16th century London in order to save outspoken and passionate young monk named Joseph.

Game overview

Avoid deadly traps and guards lurking around every corner in this ancient underworld. Strategize the safest route across each level - you can't fight back if you're spotted! Traverse seven gate-towers along the London Wall before reaching the Tower of London. Experience the vivid, colorful world of Tudor London as you explore and eavesdrop on the ghosts you wake in there.


  • Explore over 50 settings of Tudor London.
  • Immerse yourself in the rich lore of Mission 1545 with hand-drawn animated cutscenes and star quality voice acting.
  • Smoky medieval electronica and choral soundtrack by multi award-winning composer Martyn Ware.
  • Subtitled in Chinese, Japanese, Spanish, French, German, Russian, Korean

The Knights have worked on

  • Lipsync for 3D models
  • Improved camera system in 3D environment
  • Steam achievements and Unity analytics
  • Game port from mobile to PC
  • Standalone video player within Unity
  • Cutscenes system
  • Adjusting animations
  • Bug fixes
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