Monster Prom: XXL

Xbox Patch development

Monster Prom: XXL


Xbox patch development for Monster Prom: XXL.

Abut the game: 

Monster Prom: XXL mixes “choose-your-own-adventure” with Dating Sim mechanics. You are a student at Spooky High, and you’re looking to achieve the ultimate high-schooler’s dream: not going to prom alone. So you have three weeks to find a date to go with on Monster Prom. 

The game is developed by Beautiful Glitch and published by Those Awesome Guys

Knights' tasks

While working on the Monster Prom: XXL game, the main goal was to transfer and implement the patch from Nintendo Switch to the Xbox platform. Mentioned patch included Chinese localization and save system fixes. Two of our Unity devs have dealt with Xbox development. It took us about a month to fix all issues connected to the console version.  


  • Xbox patch development 
  • Bug fixing 
  • Testing 

Project details:

Number of Knights: 2
Time spent: 1 month
Developed partially
by The Knights
Available on: Steam Windows Store Our other projects:

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UI development support for mobile porting....

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