This Is the President


This Is the President


Development support for story-driven management game: This Is the President, by THQ Nordic.

About the game

This Is the President is a political thriller. You are the newly elected leader with a dark background. It is up to you to abuse the position of the most powerful man in the world to escape justice for past crimes – even if that pitches the country into utter chaos.

This Is the President is a game developed by SuperPAC and published by THQ Nordic

Release date: 6 December 2021

Knights' tasks 

The game is entirely based on interactions with the user interface, so we focused on UI tasks while working with the THQ Nordic team. We implemented the UI elements following the project/changes, i.e. building, animations, interactions, etc. Generally features development concerning mainly the world map. 


  • Development support 
  • Features development 
  • UI changes implementation
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