The Knights of Unity

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Masters of Unity at your service, ready to make your idea come to life! We offer dedicated developers for your demanding projects.

The Knights of Unity Board
Sir PeterSir PeterSir PeterPiotr SobolewskiCEO
Sir MartinSir MartinSir MartinMarcin JanusCTO
Sir AdamSir AdamSir AdamAdam MałekCOO
Lady MargaretLady MargaretLady MargaretMałgorzata TalarekProject Manager
Sir DanielSir DanielSir DanielMaciej JaroszewiczProject Manager
Lady GladysLady GladysLady GladysKlaudia KorczFinance Manager
Sir BartSir BartSir BartBartłomiej NowakowskiSales Manager
Sir CamilloSir CamilloSir CamilloKamil KlocAccount Manager
Lady EmilyLady EmilyLady EmilyEmilia FilaGame Designer
Sir SørenSir SørenSir SørenPaweł WalentynowiczGame Designer
Sir AdminSir AdminSir AdminJacek DymalskiSystem Administrator
Sir MaciejSir MaciejSir MaciejMaciej PiotrowskiUnity Developer
Sir GregorySir GregorySir GregoryGrzegorz GórskiUnity Developer
Sir XanderSir XanderSir XanderAleksander BielaUnity Developer
Sir LizandrosSir LizandrosSir LizandrosPiotr StochUnity Developer
Sir MikeSir MikeSir MikeMichał KamińskiUnity Developer
Sir ChristianSir ChristianSir ChristianKrystian LemaUnity Developer
Sir LangerSir LangerSir LangerPiotr LangerUnity Developer
Sir RadekSir RadekSir RadekRadosław KrystkowiakUnity Developer
Sir AlexSir AlexSir AlexAlexander TsekhanskyUnity Developer
Sir PabloSir PabloSir PabloPaweł BrodziakUnity Developer
Sir GhostSir GhostSir GhostJakub PezdaUnity Developer
Sir JackSir JackSir JackJacek IwanickiUnity Developer
Sir JanSir JanSir JanAdam JańskiUnity Developer
Sir SandmanSir SandmanSir SandmanPrzemysław PiaseckiUnity Developer
Sir MiguelSir MiguelSir MiguelMichał ZmyślonyUnity Developer
Sir MishaSir MishaSir MishaMichał ErtnerUnity Developer
Sir LaufesSir LaufesSir LaufesMichał MagdziarzUnity Developer
Sir KoriSir KoriSir KoriKonrad JakubowskiUnity Developer
Sir WoodySir WoodySir WoodyPaweł StolarczykUnity Developer
Sir JesterSir JesterSir JesterJasiek ŁuszczkiUnity Developer
Sir MaszrumSir MaszrumSir MaszrumMariusz SzulcArt Director
Lady AdaLady AdaLady AdaAdrianna Kiszczyńska2D Artist
Sir DamianSir DamianSir DamianDamian Seweryński3D Artist
Sir RobinSir RobinSir RobinSebastian PodborowskiVFX Artist
Sir CobblerSir CobblerSir CobblerMarcin Szewczyk2D Artist

...and a couple other Knights without pictures wink

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