The Knights of Unity

Meet our team

Masters of Unity at your service, ready to make your idea come to life! We offer dedicated developers for your demanding projects.

Sir PeterSir PeterSir PeterPiotr SobolewskiCEO
Sir AdamSir AdamSir AdamAdam MałekCOO
Sir BartSir BartSir BartBartłomiej NowakowskiSales Manager
Sir CamilloSir CamilloSir CamilloKamil KlocAccount Manager
Sir ArthurSir ArthurSir ArthurCRM Specialist
Lady KatherineLady KatherineLady KatherineSocial Media & Content Specialist
Lady LunaLady LunaLady LunaIT Recruitment Specialist
Sir GusSir GusSir GusIT Researcher
Sir AdminSir AdminSir AdminSystem Administrator
Sir LynxSir LynxSir LynxSystem Administrator
Sir MaciejSir MaciejSir MaciejTech Lead & Unity Developer
Sir GregorySir GregorySir GregoryUnity Developer
Sir MacSir MacSir MacUnity Developer
Sir ChristianSir ChristianSir ChristianUnity Developer
Sir MiguelSir MiguelSir MiguelUnity Developer
Sir LaufesSir LaufesSir LaufesUnity Developer
Sir WoodySir WoodySir WoodyUnity Developer
Sir RaphaelSir RaphaelSir RaphaelUnity Developer
Sir JantosSir JantosSir JantosUnity Developer
Sir NickSir NickSir NickUnity Developer
Sir MichaelSir MichaelSir MichaelUnity Developer
Sir JohnySir JohnySir JohnyUnity Developer
Sir GrizmuSir GrizmuSir GrizmuUnity Developer
Sir XanderSir XanderSir XanderUnity Developer
Sir MaszrumSir MaszrumSir MaszrumArt Director
Lady PonuraLady PonuraLady PonuraUX Designer
Sir AndrzejSir AndrzejSir AndrzejQA Lead
Lady HeksaLady HeksaLady HeksaQA Specialist
Lady JoannLady JoannLady JoannQA Specialist
Lady ShaniLady ShaniLady ShaniQA Specialist
Sir ArcadiusSir ArcadiusSir ArcadiusQA Specialist
Sir ChamesSir ChamesSir ChamesQA Specialist
Sir PulsarSir PulsarSir PulsarQA Specialist
Sir RyanSir RyanSir RyanQA Specialist
Sir SorenSir SorenSir SorenQA Specialist
Sir SpikeSir SpikeSir SpikeQA Specialist

...and a couple other Knights without pictures ;)

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