FGOL: Localization tool


FGOL: Localization tool


The Knights have created a special localization tool for Future Games of London, which imports localization data from the Ubisoft program - Oasis - into Unity. Additionally, it can also search of certain language keys, change a language version dynamically as well as bind localization keys into TextMeshPro Components.

Future Games of London needed a kind of tool that would import and filter large pieces of data from Oasis (Ubisoft program) and export them into the Unity engine. Localization tool made by The Knights is a middleware, it includes 2 parts:

The first part was created by our business partner - CSHARK. It is a tool that imports the data from Ubisoft’s Oasis to create content for localization. This tool collects specific translations of sentences from a specific game from Oasis and creates a zip archive with folders for language packs (these packs are set in the Ubisoft program). These folders contain Excel files CSV for specific language versions.

The second part is our Unity plugin. It can be used to read such an archive, extract the language packs from it (we called them batches) and create assets for Unity, which are called Scriptable Object, from them. We can browse through these batches, search for particular ones, check if they are in the right formats (validation tools) and edit them if necessary. The content of the batches can be read while operating in Unity. 

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