Cubeus is a 3D puzzle game that brings the players into a futuristic artificial world to control an intelligent entity - a Cube that has the abilities to manipulate a spectrum of energy.

Game overview

The system in Cubeus works in grid and tiles, energies and circuits. With connecting and disconnecting circuits, loading and unloading energies, the Cube can untangle the complexity of mechanisms in each level (Node) that scatters inside the Cubolises - the megastructures which hold the keys to re-activate the Sphere Core...

The Cube moves only on tiles, which consist of 3 types:

By combining all these tiles, the possibility for the puzzles is infinite, so much as the fun for you to solve!

  • Energy
  • Physics
  • Function

The Knights have worked on

  • Transformed system controls from Playmaker to classic scripts
  • The optimization in matter of game fluency and game crashes
  • Improved camera control in 3D environment
  • Game controls
  • Cutscene system
  • Adjusted animation system
  • Bug fixes
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