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Forge of Empires - Google Play Instant


The Knights developed Google Play Instant App (demo) of Forge of Empires for InnoGames.

Forge of Empires is one of the best examples that good games never get old. Starting as a web title in 2012, transition on to mobile in 2015 and since then occupied high places in Strategy rankings on both iOS and Android. 

FoE allows you to take control of the city and take on the role of the ruler of the promising kingdom.

Forge of Empires is an online strategy game where you need to show your online strategy game skills and develop your city through the ages of history. You start your exciting journey in the Stone Age with just a few huts and by applying your strategy you develop your capital and expand your territory by conquering nearby provinces. Whether you want to be a peaceful ruler or evil emperor ambushing neighboring settlements, it is up to you to decide. 

To make it easier and help you dive right in and build your kingdom, we have made the Forge of Empires available to try on Google Play Instant. You can now preview and play before you decide to download it.

We develop Google Play Instant for Forge of Empires from scratch, based on their best performing landing page from the web version. During the development, we made few iterations and concepts that were tested by InnoGames team. Best performing one was polished and rollout across the globe in AB tests. 

"Before partnering up with The Knights of Unity it was a real challenge to find a partner for our very first instant app. Since Google Play Instant was quite a new feature still, no agency had the required experience in that field. So, we had to look for a partner who is willing to take a risk with innovative technology and is agile enough to meet ambitious deadlines - that's when The Knights of Unity caught our eye. They convinced us with a high degree of expertise, competitive pricing and, most importantly, with the passion for their work.
After the first cooperation, we can say that we made the right choice. It has been a pleasure to work with them on a personal as well as a professional level.
The Knights were more than willing to offer advice and expertise and go the extra mile for us. They are also quick to deliver results while maintaining a high level of quality. To sum it up: if you are looking for an agency to develop an Instant App based on Unity, I can wholeheartedly recommend teaming up with the Knights!"

Dennis Makowsky

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