Jelly Jellies


Jelly Jellies


Jelly Jellies takes the player into an underwater fictional world of Jelly jellyfish and sea creatures. This match 3 game is a great play for everyone including kindergartners. It has cute and funny characters and the game itself is very colorful and easy to understand and manage.

Game overview

Just get three or more of the same kind of jellies together and there will be different and entertaining things that happen. At the same time, it can even encourage some interaction between parents and children. The game has a story which imparts important ecological information, but does that in a very sweet way, without being overbearing. There's also a very cute separate game mode in there called Jellyfish Sanctuary, where pet jellyfish are kept. You can experiment with your creativity by decorating the Jellyfish Sanctuary. 

Have fun matching jellies and making a powerful combination in this story-driven adventure.

Game Features 

  • Play 150+ levels
  • Beat the Jellyfish King
  • Progress through the story
  • Unlock hidden levels
  • Play cross-platform multiplayer
  • Invite your friends to play in multiplayer
  • Collect rewards
  • Take care of your jellyfish in customizable environments
  • Compare your scores with your Facebook Friends

We want to see a world in 50 years with an ocean as beautiful or even more beautiful than it is now!

Client testimony

Primal Studios Ltd. started working with the Knight of Unity, hereinafter TKOU, back in November of 2017. We have worked on a project (game) codenamed Jelly Jellies. We have worked on this game for approximately 6 months before it was ready for release. This was a massive project with many underlying challenges. TKOU did there very best to provide an effective yet budgeted solution for every hurdle we faced and did a great job sticking to their initial estimation on the hours needed to complete the project.

TKOU had 4 guys working around the clock to complete the project as fast as possible. These 4 guys are Mac, Borsuk, Daniel, and Radek. They have all performed exceptionally well, considering the challenges that faced them from time to time.

One very important thing to note is that making a game, or any other project may seem like a one-time thing but don’t underestimate the maintenance of an app and software updates by third-party providers of API or operating systems. TKOU is now our go-to for our updates and maintenance and do a great job at keeping the app full operational and make it a great experience for the users of Jelly Jellies.

In the end, TKOU is a great, trustworthy, driven entity, which you can count on when developing a game. I am happy I found them and hope I can grow alongside them for many years.

Alexandre Saleh
Project Manager

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